DAY 2: It’s not so bad

hangryDay 1 wasn’t bad. I guess all the prepping the month before helped me take on day 1 with my sword drawn and ready to attack. I had to be at work at 5 am so I made my egg muffins on Sunday and took the leftovers. I also had a half of avocado and some whole fat plain Greek yogurt to enjoy after my workout at 10:30 am. I ate breakfast around 6:30 am and discovered after my workout I wasn’t even hungry. In fact, I gave my post workout snack to Bo (long story). I was home by 11:45 am and I was ready for lunch but I wasn’t HANGRY(a state of anger caused by lack of food). Usually when I get home from the gym I eat half the pantry before my lunch is even made. I had my salmon salad in lettuce wrap and was satisfied afterwards.

I was lucky enough not to be the carpool for my daughter’s gymnastics last night and I got to stay home and prepare dinner. What I’m learning on this detox is that I will be wearing my chef hat for the next 21 days. I started at 5:00 pm and didn’t get out of the kitchen until 7:30 pm! Who has that kind of time to prep, eat, and clean up from dinner? So I have to learn to be more efficient. The good news is that I made my breakfast for this morning while cooking dinner last night. We all had the meatloaf and creamy cauliflower and it was delicious.

What I’ve learned so far on this detox is that the recipes in the book are good. In fact they’ve been nothing but super tasty. The only thing I missed last night was my piece of dark chocolate that I usually enjoy with my cup of Sleepytime tea but I’m going to make one of the treats from the book today so I can enjoy it tonight as my reward.


3 thoughts on “DAY 2: It’s not so bad

  1. I agree, the recipes so far are delicious. I don’t miss the sugar or carbs one bit from these meals. Maybe I’ll help you out one of these days and make a recipe or two for you. I would NOT be volunteering to do this if the meals tasted like tree bark.

  2. Ok, you’ve planted the seed and I’m stocking up on the essentials for taking this challenge. But my question is about dairy – is dairy allowed? What am I putting in my coffee tomorrow morning? Am I allowed cheese and greek yogurt?

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