Day 4: Try it, you might like it.

ImageAnother positive about the 21 DSD is that my kids are really interested in what I am doing. The even better part of it is that they can try all of these new dishes long with me because they’re 100% natural. We have lots of new foods in the house and they’re just as curious as I am as to try them. I’m sure for you, Almond Butter is not considered “exotic” but when you live in town that only has a pathetic Shop Rite to food shop in most of this stuff is considered a specialty. Yesterday we took a trip to the Green Life Food Store in Butler, NJ and my kids thought it was the greatest thing. It was different and they wanted to try new things. Now they’re begging me to take them to Trader Joe’s the next time I go..which is almost a 35 minute car ride so I have to plan accordingly. If I was doing some sort of shake detox or some other wacky diet I would be on my own and my family would think I was insane but this detox is really a team effort. Everyone’s in the kitchen curious to see what new dish I’m going to create today.

I forgot to defrost my ground turkey for Taco Wednesday so the kids ate crap, I’m too ashamed to even say what I served them, Tom and I had leftover meatloaf and I whipped up some cilantro cauli-rice. It was very tasty and filling. Did it taste like rice? No but it had a similar texture and I felt good eating it because it was all vegetables. I had a heaping guilt-free second serving too. Yesterday was a bit crazy so I had mostly leftovers, salmon, salad, meatloaf. It really works out that once you start cooking the meals you have tons of leftovers to pick off of so you don’t have to go to crazy in the kitchen every night of the week.

I was a little tired yesterday but I served myself some green-tipped banana and almond butter (YUMO!) and I woke right back up. Ok, I will confess. Maybe the banana was a little too ripe for a 21 DSD but I was desperate and it was delicious. I only ate half. By the time doctor appointments were over, health food store shopping, prescription pick-up, 2 hours of 3rd grade homework, dinner being cooked and served, showers, kids bed, I was pooped. I was supposed to play hockey last night but I couldn’t even keep my eyes open at 8:45 pm. I did not miss my chocolate last night. I was too exhausted to notice.

Today I’m going to order the 21 DSD additional cookbook for more recipes. This book has become my bible.


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