DAY 5: I feel dizzy, I feel sunny, I feel fizzy and funny and fine

ImageI can’t believe it’s been 5 days already! Seriously, after today I got 16 days left  and that’s 16 days to figure what the next step is going to be for me. Ok, I’ll admit it. A glass of wine really would’ve been nice last night after a full, busy day but luckily I didn’t have any in the house. I’m not even sure I would’ve poured the glass because there is no turning back now. I gotta keep on truckin’!

Last night Tom prepared Taco Thursday. Eating taco meat and fixings out of a piece of lettuce is not a real substitute but I was so hungry by the time I got home I really didn’t care. I also said no to the black beans he prepared and opted for the leftover cauli-rice. Earlier in the day, Tom and I decided to go have sushi for lunch. I knew I couldn’t have the rice but I also couldn’t have the wasabi or soy sauce. Bleh. Lunch was not that exciting.

All this week I’ve been grabbing a little bit of protein before running out the door to the gym but this morning I had nothing in my stomach and man did I feel it! My legs felt like cement blocks, I couldn’t keep balanced and I felt dizzy about 20 minutes into it. I never used to eat before working out but now on this detox it’s a must! After 5:45 am boot camp I ran home and ate a hard boiled egg and half of a sweet potato. I felt much better for 9:15 am spin class. My legs were still a little tired but I managed to not feel faint and pushed myself the whole entire class. It was a great workout!

Here’s another little discovery on my detox journey. After my youngest daughter was born I couldn’t eat bananas. Bananas is one of my favorite fruits. After her birth, I would eat one and get gut-wrenching cramps for about 30 minutes. This week, I’ve eaten 2 bananas and had no side effects. Tom thinks it’s mind over matter but I don’t think so. It’s all connected!

Overall I’m feeling really good. This weekend we were supposed to ski in Vermont with friends and it was going to be a true test to my willpower and  say “NO!” to apres ski! There’s nothing like a Long Trail Ale after a full day of skiing but not this month. Sadly, our trip was canceled due to rain. Rain. It was 1 degree yesterday and it’s going to rain all weekend. Boo!


2 thoughts on “DAY 5: I feel dizzy, I feel sunny, I feel fizzy and funny and fine

  1. My apres ski spread is sugar-detox-friendly: salami, cheese, and olives! Just don’t eat the crostini. And don’t have a Long Trail.

    I need to see you eat at least 3 more bananas without experiencing stomach cramps before I declare you cured of that “allergy”.

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