Day 8: Have another cookie (It will make you feel better)

Cookie_Monster[1]I did it! On Saturday night, I resisted the pretzels and hummus, the toasted bread and cheese (I indulged in just the cheese and olives), the spaghetti, the chocolate chip cookies and the BEER! Since our ski vacation was canceled we brought our ski food supplies to our friend’s house and indulged over there by their fireplace. It really wasn’t too difficult to say no. The cookies looked tempting but I was so full from spaghetti squash and hot Italian sausage that the green tea was enough. I felt a little better Saturday night but my head was still slightly in a fog. On Sunday I woke up feeling still a little foggy but as the day went on I began to feel normal again. Well..maybe not normal but better.

Yesterday’s lunch I took the left over chicken breast, chopped it up with some celery and green apple and coated it with some Greek yogurt and sprinkled curry all over. I wrapped it up and bib lettuce and it was tasty. I made this dish a long time ago, it’s not in the book, but I love it.

I had a hockey game last night, 8:40 pm in Stamford, CT (ugh..I’m functioning on 4 hours of sleep) and I had a sweet potato and some leftover salad for dinner. The sweet potato set my head right so these symptoms are more than likely from low blood sugar and perhaps too much caffeine.  Today I’m going to try my best to limit myself to 2 cups of coffee. I felt good driving to Stamford and I was very curious as to how I would feel on the ice. After getting dressed and as half the team indulged in chocolate bars RIGHT in front of me (this is a very true story) I got on the ice and although my body felt energized my legs felt like 2 lead weights. I tired very quickly after 2 puck chases on my shift. Maybe it’s lack of fitness that is causing that problem.

I spent most of Day 7 prepping for the week. Hit a very packed Trader Joe’s for some fresh veggies. Tom took the leftover veggies from last week and made a stir fry for dinner last night, that’s our usual weekend dish to clean out the fridge, and made it 21 DSD friendly. Unfortunately by the time it was ready I had to leave for Stamford so I will be enjoying it for lunch today. I found a jar of puttanessca sauce at Trader Joe’s that is 21 DSD friendly. No sugar, just olive oil and lots of veggies and spice. I’m going to to have that with my leftover spaghetti squash for dinner tonight.

My stomach has been having its ups and downs over the weekend but nothing that prevents me from doing anything or eating. I really felt the effects of this detox this weekend. I woke up at 4:15 am this morning and felt level-headed, tired, but not dizzy. Almost 2 hours later and 3/4 of cup of coffee in and I’m still ok. On the mornings I open the gym at 5 am I try to hold out for breakfast until 6:30 am but this morning I might be warming up my carrot and pumpkin spice muffins a little bit earlier.

This week I really have to figure out where I’m going with this detox. What’s the next step? Do I go back to bread and wine? I miss it a little bit but not really that much. The sweetness on the other hand, I have to say a nice piece of dark chocolate would not be awful.


2 thoughts on “Day 8: Have another cookie (It will make you feel better)

    • Thanks, C! Even with 4 hours of sleep I’m feeling so much better today. The woman who wrote the book said the way I was feeling over the weekend is a side effect and it would subside in a few days and I think it has!

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