Day 9: Namaste

woman-meditating-de-91398382[1]Ohmmmmm…Today I awoke, refreshed, renewed, rejoiced! Lies! Well, mostly lies.  My alarm went off and I dolefully rolled out of bed, dressed and had to open the gym at 5 am. I could’ve slept another 4 hours. I think my body is still catching up on sleep for the previous night.  Honestly though I do feel quite different in a great way. The dizzy spells are gone (yay) and I feel so level-headed that it’s weird. I’m not sure if this is part of the detox but emotionally and physically I feel so much better. It’s almost as if I’m developing patience. Maybe because I’m less fatigued that when my daughter forgets her homework at school I’m not yelling at the top of my lungs the same speech about being responsible.  It was more of a calm afternoon in our house even after we had to go back to school to get her math book.

Yesterday for breakfast I ate 2 carrot and pumpkin spiced muffins, some raw carrots and almonds. I had 1/2 of avocado as a post workout snack and for lunch I had Tom’s leftover stir fry (sans rice) which was spicy and filling.  I didn’t open my 21 DSD bible yesterday so my meal planning and prepping is off schedule. I’ll have time today to get back on track. Dinner was a bit unorganized last night. I didn’t have anything defrosted so I served the kids leftover pizza, Tom had leftover spaghetti and I made myself a 2 egg omelet with tomato, green onions and cheese. I was getting sleepy around 6 pm and didn’t have the strength to be creative.

In the 21 DSD book there is a recipe for almond butter cups. They look just like Reeses peanut butter cups but they are made with unsweetened cocoa powder, coconut butter and almond butter. They couldn’t taste MORE different than a Reeses. When I made them last week I thought I was going to be sent to chocolate heaven. If there is a chocolate hell then I was there. What’s chocolate without sugar! Most people on the 21 DSD Facebook page have been giving them a bad rap but the author suggested we wait another week to really enjoy the taste of them, when we are less in a sugar-crave crazed! I had one last night and it wasn’t too awful. I can only image as the days go on it will just get easier.

I’ve been doing research on different food lifestyles that I will approach after my 21 days. I think I ruled Paleo out. It’s just seems very, very difficult. I don’t want to be that restricted and I seriously can’t eat that much meat. This detox alone is too much meat for me and I really miss my fruit. I was reading about clean eating and I think that might be the direction I head into. One of the things I want to try is grass-fed beef. I’ve been enjoying the venison my contractor has been bringing us so I think I will enjoy the grass-fed beef. I believe though clean eating doesn’t allow cow meat. I have to keep reading.

Today I’m giving my body a rest with exercise. I really increased my weights in Body Pump yesterday and I’m sore from it. I also have a software release due tomorrow that I have to finish so my gym time will have to resume tomorrow morning.

Today’s food adventure: coffee with almond milk.



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