Day 12: Forbidden Fruit

woman-going-crazy[1]I want fruit. Ripe, overripe, fermented…I really can’t wait to put fruit back into my diet. I’m getting a little tired of worrying if the banana I’m consuming is overripe therefore considered cheating. I do love green apples, smothered in almond butter, but the pomegranate on my counter looks so tasty.  And a glass of wine wouldn’t be too bad either. This is what I miss the most on the detox. The things I haven’t really missed are  white sugar and processed foods. I do miss beans and quinoa a smidge but I can hold off another week without them. Ok,  I miss bread. I miss pita bread, wraps but I think it’s more of a texture thing and the fact that’s its easier to consume food in a wrap than in a piece of lettuce.  I wish I could eat something crunchy other than nuts. I miss granola.

Today I had a great day of workouts. My 5:45 am boot camp had some great exercises focusing on a few muscle groups and then my spin class got my heart pumping and my legs throbbing. I fueled before boot camp this morning and right after, before 9:15 am spin, and that held me over till 1 pm. I was starved when I finally got home but I made a green salad with some broiled chicken and finished the left over 1/3 of a sweet potato I had in the fridge.  My branola (my grain-free granola) was really good with almond milk (store bought, not fresh and now I’m sitting in my daughter’s gymnastics waiting for it to end so I can devour some dinner. Tom’s whipping up some sort of stir fry.

This is my last weekend of 21 DSD prepping. I sort of fell behind on following the meal plan in the book but I just consumed very plain, easy to prepare dishes instead. I’m going to work on the bone broth this weekend so I can make the chicken tortilla-less soup. There’s also a pork tenderloin recipe that I want to make for Sunday. I made the not sweet cinnamon cookies which I like (but could be a little more crunchy) and I’m still enjoying my almond butter cups. I need to make some more.

I felt energized for most of the day but I got tired around 4 pm but I will attribute that to not refueling properly after spin class. I’m happy I get to sleep-in tomorrow. It will be nice to get up AFTER the sun rises.


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