Day 16: It’s getting tiresome

woman-bored-by-vegeterian-food[1]I’m going to admit it. I’m getting a little bored of this whole detox thing. Maybe I’m just in a rut or maybe I’m hungry and tired but being limited on food is stressful. Yesterday I could not suppress my appetite with anything I was “allowed” to eat  and I was staring into the fridge and pantry all afternoon. Maybe I’m not eating enough on the detox? Maybe I’m treating it too much like diet and not a detox and that’s not what this is supposed to be.  The few pounds I’ve shed have made a difference in my clothes. They’re fitting better and I don’t feel my thighs rubbing together as much anymore but now I’m terrified that I will gain it back in one meal.

Yesterday I went to good ole’ West Milford Shop Rite and I wanted to buy a jicama to make “fries” from a recipe in my 21 DSD book. I didn’t know what jicama looked like in it’s raw form and I forgot to Google it and apparently the people who work at Shop Rite don’t know either.  The jicama was right next to the yuca (aka cassava) and it was mislabeled.  I can only blame myself for not knowing but anyway when I got home I decided to Google it to make sure  and the item I bought was not jicama but the yuca. The jicama was one bin over.  Of course every recipe I found for yuca said “If you’re on a low carb diet this is not for you!” Greeaaaaat. I made the “fries” anyway. I over boiled (boiling is suggested before baking) the yuca and then put the piles of mush on a baking sheet, drizzled olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika. They didn’t taste that bad but if I didn’t turn them to mush in the boiling water they would’ve been better.  If you’re wondering what yuca (cassava)  is, here’s a link to it listed on the Top 10 Most Dangerous Food list.

So I ate some of the yuca with steamed shrimp w/hot sauce and avocado in lettuce wraps. I felt like a big slob after it but then I really wanted chocolate. I didn’t have any but I wanted it. Feeling bloated and defeated I made some tea and went to bed. I did spend some time yesterday baking for today. I made another batch of the carrot and pumpkin spice muffins with the help of my oldest who loved cracking all those eggs. Today I have to make my chicken tortilla-less soup and I’m going to start my chorizo chili. It’s good thing that a snow storm is coming so I’ll have more time to stay home and prepare more dishes. I also have to whip up another batch of my almond butter cups. I’m running out of eggs!!!

I miss the crunch. I just want something to crunch between my teeth. Is it Monday yet?



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