Day 18: The final countdown

it-s-the-final-countdownThe end is near..I can taste it. I’m not sure why I want the detox to be over because I have no plans to indulge in chocolate covered bread or anything crazy like it. I guess I just want the idea of following a strict regime to be over and I want to put down my 21 DSD book for awhile. I’m excited to try new recipes with forbidden foods (like fruit, beans, rice, whole grains) and just taste something other than green apples, almonds, coconut and meat. I’m so sick of meat. bleh. I want to experiment and make my own whole wheat pasta. Tom has made homemade pasta in the past and it’s delicious but now I want to try some different type of whole grain flours. I’m excited to start cooking! I need to find a new cookbook.

It’s hard to believe it’s almost been 3 weeks since I started this detox. It really hasn’t been that much of a challenge but I think if I had to give up dairy on top of everything I have given up for 3 weeks that would’ve been really tough. I’m very curious what a chocolate chip cookie will taste like next week. Will it be overly sweet? I want to experiment and make my own bread too. Tom and I used to make our bread all the time now I need to get back into the habit. I have to reserve time on the weekends for baking. Instead of drinking wine in front of the TV I guess I better get into the kitchen.

My stomach has been bothering me for most of the week. Maybe it’s an overdose of vegetables? Maybe not enough water? I need to cut back on my coffee intake. Maybe that will be my next detox, caffeine.


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