Day 22: I did it!

internet-hi-five[1]The detox is over. Yay? I don’t feel the need to jump up and heel click in the air because it wasn’t an awful experience.  It was a very positive experiment that taught me so much about my body and nutrition that it was a much needed lesson. I learned that I can’t spend my mornings and afternoons consuming carbs because it makes for a very crappy late afternoon and evening. Well, I sort of knew that but the detox got me out of the rhythm of coming home from the gym and eating bread, peanut butter, pretzels, granola, cereal, wheat thins, carb overload. I learned about the importance of protein and good fats and now I have to find a good balance on my plate. I have a better love for vegetables and I can’t wait to get my hands on another piece of fruit other than a green apple.  This detox taught me that simplicity is best and I’ve learned to become reacquainted with my spice drawer.

It occurred to me halfway through my coffee this morning I was allowed to put sugar in it but guess what? I don’t want to. I don’t miss it. Yes, dark chocolate I can’t wait to celebrate with a piece of you tonight (I’m really curious how sweet it will taste to me) but I don’t miss it much elsewhere. I have to find my white sugar substitute.  It’s either organic honey or organic pure sugar cane to use in baking but I want to get the refined white stuff out of my kitchen. Now it’s time to start experimenting. I’m still searching for a new cookbook. Any suggestions would be helpful!

I was running a bit late the morning and I failed to get my morning breakfast ready last night, mostly due to exhaustion and lack of food in the house, but I was in a panic at the pantry this morning. I was going to grab of slice of Ezekiel bread and a smear of almond butter but I don’t want to go down that path again even though Ezekiel is flour-less and I want to include it in my diet again I don’t want to use it as a quick fallback for breakfast.  Tom bought some Ezekiel 4:9 cereal so I grabbed that with a container of almond milk and the leftover yogurt I had in my fridge. I’m hesitant to put gluten back (gluten is in the sprouts)  into my diet so maybe I’ll only eat a little of it.

I didn’t lose a lot of weight on this detox but I attribute it to the overeating of approved detox foods and way too much cheese. Now I’m on a mission to cut back on the dairy. I ate way too much of it (and it was allowed) but it was my fallback when I hankering for a snack and couldn’t have anything else in the fridge or pantry. Now I can have a piece of fruit for a snack or some type of homemade cracker (I refuse to by processed crackers) and hopefully be satisfied.

So here’s to the next 21 days of clean eating!


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