Fat February

It all went downhill on Super Bowl Sunday. I was feeling great all through the month of January. I could count all the glasses of wine I had in a total month on one hand. I was losing weight, feeling great and then that dreadful Sunday in February hit. It was all the leftovers in the fridge that did me in. Lots of beer and wine in the fridge, snacks in the pantry. Dips and dishes in the fridge. I couldn’t stop.  5.8 pounds gained since January 23rd. It has to stop now!

Last Saturday I had a late night of hockey and beers in the locker room. I suffered all day Sunday and most of Monday so that got me to stop drinking alcohol. Once I give up a day or 2 it’s easy to continue that trend. It’s the eating. I’m always hungry. I’m going to give eating every 2 hours a try and lots of water. 64oz a day is my goal.

Today is day 2. I didn’t do very well yesterday but I have to stay the course. I’m better today but my meal choices were high in carbs. Hitting Shop Rite this afternoon for greens and fruits. I also have to tackle coffee addiction. It’s getting out of control.

I have until April 25th to get this body ready for a bathing suit.


Beachbody Shakeology!

Girl enjoying an ice-creamShakeology. I’m trying it. This is the complete opposite approach to my sugar detox but the reality is that I can’t live a life without sugar in my diet. I like ice cream, and wine, and the occasional piece of bread dipped in infused olive oil.  The detox taught me to pay attention to my food. I definitely don’t eat like I used to and I’m very conscious of everything I consume. I still don’t use sugar in my coffee *pat on the back* and I don’t eat processed foods unless I’m downright starving for something and it’s right in front of me but I’m back to feeling like poop after my workouts. Yes, I workout often and I truly believe I’m not replenishing my system properly after my workouts.  I don’t have the patience or desire to sit by a chopping board and chop a billion vegetables and then go to the stove and cook something delicious for myself and since hiring a personal chef is not in the budget I ordered a 30 day supply of Shakeology to see if it makes a difference.

Vanilla-Shakeology-31[1]Shakeology can be a supplement to your diet or 1 meal replacement. Since I spent the entire month of May eating ice cream I’m going with meal replacement. I need to shake off 5lbs and get my energy back.  I also ordered P90X3 and going to attempt it. It’s going to be hard to fit those workouts with my gym workouts but I’m hoping to learn some new moves to bring to my boot camp classes.

This morning I’m trying my first shake, vanilla almond. It’s good and better than nothing or another piece of Ezekiel bread w/ cheap almond butter (I can’t WAIT to finish that crappy jar of cheap almond butter..bleh). Then I have to practice tomorrow’s spin class so I’ll see how i feel after the workout. I’m starting the p90x on Monday. I have 6 to possibly 8 hockey games starting tonight until Sunday so I don’t need any additional workouts at the moment!

Post detox follow-up

Carl[1]Sitting at the front desk of the gym enjoying my bowl of shredded wheat and blueberries with unsweetened almond milk I realized that I’m missing my detox days.  I don’t miss the dizzy, I want to pass out from low-blood sugar moments but I miss challenging myself with something that I thought was an impossible task and sharing the experience with everyone.  So I decided that I needed to find a new challenge and continue my daily journal to keep myself motivated.

First, let me back-up a few weeks and discuss my post detox days. The detox has been a lifestyle changer. For one, I steer clear of processed foods, certain flours/grains, and bread. Well. except for the Presidents’ Day weekend binge that I buried my head in a bag of potato and tortilla chips, gnawed on a bagel or 2, and drowned my soul in red wine I’ve been avoiding the middle aisles of the supermarket. Fruit has staked a claim in my diet. The only fruit I would ever eat was an apple on occasion.  I’m obsessed with blueberries. I can’t believe it either. I pop them like candy. I replaced the granola on my yogurt with blueberries and a few almonds. My steel cut oats are topped with blueberries and walnuts. By the way, steel cut oats are the ultimate breakfast. It keeps me satisfied for HOURS!  I slather almond butter on my apples, strawberries decorate my salad and when I get a hold of a pomegranate..beware!  I don’t eat fruit all day long but I try to include it at least 2 of my meals. When I’m not eating fruit I’m eating vegetables or beans. I’m in love with roasted chickpeas as a snack too.  I also discovered black rice..YUM!

Wine. Here’s the deal. Did I miss it? I thought I did. I did enjoy the glasses..err..bottles..I consumed over the long holiday weekend with my good friends but did I miss the “Good morning, this day has to end!” feeling, not at all.  I never realized how angry and impatient I get when I drink wine. I have no tolerance for anything and I’m so easily annoyed. I enjoyed the calmness I experienced during the detox.  I have to get back to that state. I bought a bottle this past Friday night and opened it, poured a glass and was done. Then I felt pressure to get through the bottle this weekend because I didn’t want to waste the money. I failed. I still have about a glass left in the bottle. I just don’t miss the fuzzy, I’m so tired feeling after consuming a glass or 2. I don’t have time for that anymore.  I will be saving wine consumption for when I’m in good company.

I’m apart of a 30 day challenge that was formed by my friend on Facebook and my 3 goals are , running 10 miles a week (totally failed at that for week 1), drinking more water (I’m getting better), and reading instead of watching TV (getting better at this too).  I was thinking of doing the detox again but this time at level 3, no dairy, just to see what it feels like, but can I really not put cream in my coffee? So if you have any ideas on what challenge I can take on next please share them!


Lazy Days

ImageI need to start lifting like this at the gym. I’m trying to get motivated to go beyond the classes but I easily get intimidated. I’m more worried about form and technique than people watching me. I need a workout friend to follow in the gym. Who wants to be my friend?

Last night I had a piece of regular dark chocolate and it was too sweet! I couldn’t even finish it. I opted for my 90% cocoa instead. So the detox worked to some degree. I’m still drinking coffee without sugar and I’m trying to limit my carbs to just good carbs, sweet potatoes, Ezekiel bread, fruit, etc. I need to organize my meals. I feel like I’m all over the map with meal prepping. I really need some sort of guide, a meal plan so I’m not staring at the fridge for an hour trying to figure out what to cook for dinner. I made quinoa and chickpeas with a tahini dressing for dinner last night which was ok. I felt like it was missing something, maybe mint? I broiled some chicken to throw in it and was a so-so dinner. I wanted to make a crock pot dinner but I had nothing defrosted to throw in there. I’m going to attempt this pot roast tomorrow since we’ll be more than likely snowed in.

Time to start working on my boot camp class for Friday. The theme: The Olympics. Olympic events stations, snowboarding, downhill skiing, skating, curling, etc..it’s going to be fun!

Maybe I need to start again?

Ribfest2011_GuyThumb1[1]<–That was me, yesterday, at my Super Bowl party digging into the short ribs, and the meatballs, and the guacamole, and those organic blue corn tortilla chips, and the homemade pita chips..and the wine. The wine. I had a 1/2 glass of white and then a 1/2 glass of red and I was done. I thought for sure I would get all buzzed and loopy after the first sip, it’s been a month since I had any alcohol, but I felt nothing (I’m sure the chips absorbed the alcohol) and it really wasn’t worth consuming the sugar so I stopped drinking it and switched to water. I could’ve done without the cup of coffee at 8pm but hey, it was a party! Let’s go crazy!

I’m still not sure where I’m going next with my eating habits. I’m still sort of sticking to the detox diet but I’ve added fruit and grains back in. No bread, no refined sugar and with the exception of last night, no alcohol. I made Paleo brownies for yesterday and I have to say they were delicious. They were made with shredded sweet potatoes, organic honey, eggs, unsweetened chocolate powder and I really enjoyed them. I said no to all the other desserts last night but I was so stuffed beyond belief that I couldn’t even put them to my mouth if I tried. I also made almond crackers from almond meal and egg whites that were good too. They could’ve been rolled a bit thinner for baked a little longer for a nice crunch but they were a good vehicle for all that buffalo chicken dip and guacamole!

I’m so exhausted today. It was a hectic weekend and yesterday was non-stop prep work for our Super Bowl gathering but it was worth it. I think our guests left well-fed. I can’t wait to get home and take a much needed nap. 4 am came way to quick this morning..and it’s snowing..and nobody is coming to the gym..

Happily Ever After

lady-eating-chocolate[1]<—I was trying very hard not to do this all day yesterday. I waited until after dinner to reward myself with some Fairway Dark Chocolate Almond Bark and it was eh. I thought my mouth would be overfilled with sweetness but it really wasn’t that big of deal. The chocolate was good but I felt a little guilty after eating it last night. Was it worth the extra fat and calories? Not really. I only had a little piece with my tea. It really wasn’t enough to satisfy.

I started the morning with some Greek yogurt and I added the Ezekiel 4:9 Almond cereal to it which wasn’t so bad. It was the small of bowl of the cereal with almond milk that killed my morning. That stuff taste like crunchy cardboard. I ended up dicing some apple to throw in it and it made it more tolerable. Eating that stuff on it’s own should not be it’s intention. It’s good on my yogurt, a healthy replacement for my sugar-laden granola. I still get the crunch but without the added sugar. For lunch I finished my leftover spaghetti squash and the approved 21 DSD  Fairway marinara sauce which was delicious. Dinner, I marinated some shrimp in soy sauce, maple syrup, lime juice, olive oil seasoned with chili pepper and red pepper flakes which was scrumptious. I served it over a bed of basmati brown rice which was on the crunchy side due to the faulty installation of the sealer on my pressure cooker (oops). I finished the evening with my chocolate and tea. So the cereal, soy sauce, maple syrup, rice and 3 strawberries were my frills of the day.

I woke up this morning 2lbs lighter than yesterday (smh!) and I’m not sure how that happened. I thought for sure I would’ve gained 4 lbs consuming carbs and sugar but I didn’t. Last night I packed a high protein breakfast for this morning. 2 hard boiled eggs, almonds, carrots, and some strawberries. I also packed a couple scoops of greek yogurt if I get hungry before 9. I’m in desperate need of guidance for healthy eating. I’m looking for a book that will set up meal plans for me. I really enjoyed that aspect of the detox book. It made thinking about food not such a difficult task.

So it seems I’m still going to follow the detox book to a degree.  Maybe I will limit myself to just one serving of carbs and 2 servings of fruit a day. I can’t believe how I trained myself to eat full-fat (good fat) and protein in only 21 days. The first week of the detox  was hard for me to wrap my head around the idea of not eating low-fat. Fascinating!

Day 22: I did it!

internet-hi-five[1]The detox is over. Yay? I don’t feel the need to jump up and heel click in the air because it wasn’t an awful experience.  It was a very positive experiment that taught me so much about my body and nutrition that it was a much needed lesson. I learned that I can’t spend my mornings and afternoons consuming carbs because it makes for a very crappy late afternoon and evening. Well, I sort of knew that but the detox got me out of the rhythm of coming home from the gym and eating bread, peanut butter, pretzels, granola, cereal, wheat thins, etc..total carb overload. I learned about the importance of protein and good fats and now I have to find a good balance on my plate. I have a better love for vegetables and I can’t wait to get my hands on another piece of fruit other than a green apple.  This detox taught me that simplicity is best and I’ve learned to become reacquainted with my spice drawer.

It occurred to me halfway through my coffee this morning I was allowed to put sugar in it but guess what? I don’t want to. I don’t miss it. Yes, dark chocolate I can’t wait to celebrate with a piece of you tonight (I’m really curious how sweet it will taste to me) but I don’t miss it much elsewhere. I have to find my white sugar substitute.  It’s either organic honey or organic pure sugar cane to use in baking but I want to get the refined white stuff out of my kitchen. Now it’s time to start experimenting. I’m still searching for a new cookbook. Any suggestions would be helpful!

I was running a bit late the morning and I failed to get my morning breakfast ready last night, mostly due to exhaustion and lack of food in the house, but I was in a panic at the pantry this morning. I was going to grab of slice of Ezekiel bread and a smear of almond butter but I don’t want to go down that path again even though Ezekiel is flour-less and I want to include it in my diet again I don’t want to use it as a quick fallback for breakfast.  Tom bought some Ezekiel 4:9 cereal so I grabbed that with a container of almond milk and the leftover yogurt I had in my fridge. I’m hesitant to put gluten back (gluten is in the sprouts)  into my diet so maybe I’ll only eat a little of it.

I didn’t lose a lot of weight on this detox but I attribute it to the overeating of approved detox foods and way too much cheese. Now I’m on a mission to cut back on the dairy. I ate way too much of it (and it was allowed) but it was my fallback when I hankering for a snack and couldn’t have anything else in the fridge or pantry. Now I can have a piece of fruit for a snack or some type of homemade cracker (I refuse to by processed crackers) and hopefully be satisfied.

So here’s to the next 21 days of clean eating!